21 Must-Know terms for a fangirl

7) SPIN-OFF – When shooting the story of a character in a TV series but removing it and placing it at the center of a new TV series. For example, the lawyer Saul of Breaking Bad – then secondary character – became the star of a new TV series spin-off of BB or “Better Call Saul”.

8) SHIP / SHIP TO  – It means just cheer for a couple. But ship is not simply “cheer”, ship is claiming that copy more than anything else in the world. What if you were asked to donate a kidney to see your favorite characters together would you do it without thinking twice because NOTHING, AND I WANT TO STRESS THE NOTHING makes a fangirl happier to see the realization of their ideal ship. Typical of ship is to unite the names of the characters (Brittany Santana + = Brittana)

9) FEELS – Extremely important for every fangirl, the feels are precisely the feelings that touched a lot of fans. These extreme feelings (usually sadness, grief or joy overwhelming) tend to emerge during a scene or performance of a book, a movie or a TV show particularly intense / shocking / wonderful. At this point, many fans are transported by the sensations of the moment exploding in indescribable enthusiasm surges or falling into a deep depression.

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