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21 Must-Know terms for a fangirl

10) ANGST MOMENTS – Are moments of suffering of your ship (one of them dies, is betrayed, you leave etc ..). No, we cannot accept the moments ANGST. You, fangirl / fanboy, you’re there to pray that everything will be resolved and in fact you have to wait for entire decades because usually everything happens as CLIFFHANGER (11): that is the highlight at the end of the season. You stay in front of the screen, curled up on yourself, walking back and forth wondering what you did wrong to now have to wait months and months before the next season. That’s not all, sometimes it is not only the season finale to get this effect: there are similarly horrible things such as HIATUS (12): breaks between two episodes that will last forever. For example, the classic Christmas break, or that of Easter, or the summer, or the one to go to the bathroom or because you want to take a holiday or because the aliens are taking over the world. In short, an interminable pause between two episodes of the same season. But back to the concept of ship …..

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