The Walking Dead 6, the (possible) return of Merle Dixon: 5 hypothesis horizon

5 – MERLE DREAM: BAD OMENS – The fifth case is in my opinion the most interesting. Merle appears in a Daryl’s dream to warn him of something. A betrayal, a conspiracy, a horde of zombies that will arrive at the gates within 1 \ 2 days, some new enemy on the horizon, or the like. And thanks to the providential old brother, bowman manages to save the day. Or he fails because he can’t convince the others: then the situation really occurs, the group somehow comes out – perhaps with some loss -, Daryl fires a net ‘ I told you ‘ and Merle reappears later in a another dream, to foil another difficult situation, with the group which at that point will be much more inclined to follow the directions of the visionary Daryl. Delusional assumptions, but the reality is that we can not wait to begin. Missing only three weeks. And then , finally , the speculation will give way to action.

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