The Walking Dead 6, the (possible) return of Merle Dixon: 5 hypothesis horizon

4 -MERLE GHOST – Let’s face it: The Walking Dead is a fantasy, and as such has much room for maneuver. We saw obviously zombies, characters returning in the form of hallucinations for the protagonists, but never a real ghost full blown. One that comes back, that maybe can be seen only by someone. In many other films and TV series has happened, could not happen in The Walking Dead? Surely it would be interesting to see Daryl – or who knows, maybe ironically Rick or anyone else – to manage the dual situation group of friends ‘ live \ ghost of Merle, with a lot of risk madness. Bizarre as you want, but not too much. And if indeed the producers had decided to include a news like that, we are sure would not turn into a banality.

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