The Walking Dead 6, the (possible) return of Merle Dixon: 5 hypothesis horizon

The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon
The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon

Sometimes they come back: for some weeks now there is nothing to talk about the possible return of Merle Dixon in the sixth season of The Walking Dead. – How you can return? He’s died and was killed by zombies! – You rightly say. But as we all know, the return of people left the scene in a TV series can take place in the ways and shapes.

Let’s start from the beginning, on the set of The Walking Dead 6 was spotted Michael Rooker, the actor who plays (going) Merle, borderline Daryl’s brother. Of course, the assumption that Rooker was there ‘only to greet his old comrades of adventure is not to be discarded, but it seems highly unlikely.
So,trying to give assumed that the dear old Merle reappear for real in the sixth season of The Walking Dead, we tried to formulate five hypothesis on its possible role. Let’s try to think and argue, try that with us in the following pages. And maybe, in the end, tell us what you think the most likely hypothesis.

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