The Walking Dead 6×01 – Our Grades – Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promises sparks

FATHER GABRIEL 5 – Poor guy, this time tries his best. But not quite enough to make us love him. And he has the same effect on Rick. With that hangdog carved him, the treacherous Gabriel is being done, but still can not get the trust of the group. Will have a long way to catch up.

TARA-ROSITA 5.5 – On the edge. The sweet Tara wakes up, but she gets little space. Same goes for Rosita: ah, careful darling, as it looks like Abraham seems to have a new interest for the black panther Sasha…

CAROL 7 – You say: but hey, she has done virtually nothing. But perhaps we are a bit on her side: we started liking this character a lot. She appears just in a couple of occasions, but she’s getting noticed. Huge charisma now. ‘She is the one in charge, but now you’re the boss‘ says Rick, of who in fact she has become the mental coach. And then the curtain with a very clever man, Morgan, who has framed and immediately understood that behind the appearances of an helpless woman hides a programming genius. Fantastic, even when it appears for 2 minutes per episode.

Written by Vincenzo Galdieri

Sostanzialmente scrivo baggianate, ma gli dò un tono talmente epico che a volte rischiano pure di sembrare cose interessanti

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 6×01 – Le Pagelle: Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promette scintille

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