The Walking Dead 6×01 – Our Grades – Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promises sparks

SASHA 7 – Seems to have regained control of her mind, after the frenzied final fifth season where he could not understand what he was doing and especially why he was doing it. The glare is the usual, but this time is more secure, more polished. As always determined and not afraid of anything, she is leading the procession of zombies along with Sergeant red. And his relationship with Abraham, as mentioned above, promises sparks.

MORGAN 7 – He’s a character with natural charisma. he does not need menate head or twists forced to get noticed. The interesting thing is that while posing as wise and sedate, you always have the impression that you cannot totally trust him. But not because you think something fishy is premeditating, simply because we all know how he could be unstable (third season tought us something). Rick, however, gives him his daughter in his arms, showing his total and unconditional trust. The relationship between these two is great, and will be one of the keys of the sixth season. Funny also the plays with Carol and Michonne, but it is the relationship with Mr.Grimes what interests us the most: since Morgan is back in his life, Rick seems to be laboriously trying to regain some semblance of humanity.

Written by Vincenzo Galdieri

Sostanzialmente scrivo baggianate, ma gli dò un tono talmente epico che a volte rischiano pure di sembrare cose interessanti

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 6×01 – Le Pagelle: Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promette scintille

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