The Walking Dead 6×01 – Our Grades – Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promises sparks

DARYL 5.5 – Give us back our old Daryl, Daryl the protagonist of The Walking Dead.

CARTER 5 – Who is defying Rick eventually is already lost. Carter tries to make the revolutionary, prompting his group to kill the new advancing head, before it’s too late, before it’s him who killed them first. Grimes would cut him immediately into slices but, to avoid the poor figure with Morgan, he doesn’t. Matter of time: the zombies will take care, and then Rick finishes him. Adieu.

EUGENE 6 – so clumsy that is almost tender, in the end you can say whatever except that he is not a strong character. He’s always a why. But ultimately little impact in history.

DEANNA 6 – Rate of respect, because after the loss of her husband’s obvious is catatonic. Queen without a scepter, now dethroned by Rick, who is actually giving the keys of the group. But her personality serves. We hope to find it in better conditions in the second episode.

Written by Vincenzo Galdieri

Sostanzialmente scrivo baggianate, ma gli dò un tono talmente epico che a volte rischiano pure di sembrare cose interessanti

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 6×01 – Le Pagelle: Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promette scintille

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