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The Walking Dead 6×01 – Our Grades – Rick-Morgan again, Abraham promises sparks

The Walking Dead is back and, of course, are back also our mad reports of the characters of the episode. An episode that some have called excellent, other interlocutory: for us, a good start. Without much spark, but no major disappointments. The impression is that it was a preparatory episode (unlike the roaring debut the fifth season) and that the real madness begins from the 6×02. Maybe with the Wolves at the gates of Alexandria. Anyway, there were interesting ideas, especially regarding the hot couple Rick-Morgan, the odd couple Sasha-Abraham and the usual, more and more fascinating, Carol-Peletier. We tried to evaluate them, vote them and judge them all, the characters in this episode of The Walking Dead. As we always have and as always will do during the sixth season. If you’re curious about what were our assessments, discover it on the following pages!

GLENN 7 – Given the now rampant fashion imported to Italy from the Japanese San Gennaro, everyone expected that our professional zombie-killing presented himself at the onset of the sixth season with yet another net and peremptory ‘I am Korean’, but on that we had to be disappointed. For the rest a good Glenn, that it begins to take the leadership of a group, of which the main pupil seems to be the former enemy Nicholas, who now sees ours leader as a charismatic, heroic one, an example to follow. Usual resolve to handle intricate situations, the evergreen of The Walking Dead is promising, after a fifth season a bit ‘in the shade (finale excluded).

MICHONNE 6 – For respect, also because if they don’t give her attentions, the fault is not hers. Great protagonist in the third and fourth season of The Walking Dead, less (much less) in the fifth, it is hoped that this year they will give her more visibility. Because Michonne is a real character, and hold her on the edge makes little sense. Apart from the little show with Morgan on the protein bar and the killer look towards her beloved – because now it is an open secret – Rick when he ends mercilessly Carter, Michonne remains again in shadow. We want Mrs.Katana back.

HEATH 6.5 – Interesting character this one. Immediately shows personality from the first meeting with Eugene. Then joins Glenn Nicholas and with great tranquility, proving an excellent preparation for calm and self-control even in the most apocalyptic. Not bad.

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