19 Biggest Badass in Tv Shows History

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Serie Tv

Badass characters are there in every TV show, from comedy to drama. But who are the most Badass of all? We tried to establish a ranking. Although it is difficult to come up with a Top 19 objective from infinity of characters present in the infinity of the TV series seen in years, trying doesn’t harm. Vamos!


allison pll19) ALISON DI LAURENTIS (PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) – Main character of Pretty Little Liars, tough to say what her role is. [SPOILER] Before everyone thinks that she is dead, they also find evidence as proof of this. For some, however, it turns out that’s actually alive and who was dead only pretend to in order to  escape, to what we know so far, the persecutions of -A. “Resurrected”, she is lovingly welcomed but in reality there is much more. She hides too many things and you cannot pinpoint exactly who she is. Sociopathic mind at all to protect itself. Suspected of several murders, she ends up in prison without the possibility of being exonerated: she told so many lies that she is caught in hers own web of lies so that she cannot give a real version which does not exclude the previous false.

cox scrubs serie tv18) DR. COX (SCRUBS) – It ‘s impossible to find a character so badass in a TV comedy series like Scrubs, yet here it is! Cox is a shake of selfishness and cynicism that make it epic and brilliant it is. And ‘ruthless, has a very sharp tongue and spares no one. Concrete and pragmatic, never expresses his real feelings. Cox is the best mentor that a resident may have, how lucky JD ?!


langdon ahs serie tv17) CONSTANCE LANGDON (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) – Neighbor and former owner of the “Murder House”, is a brilliant character. Mother of two dead and ghosts and a girl down a bit ‘capricious no strikes and continues to fight to “defend” his family. Plan, however, is not defending the manner of a Carol Peletier, there is no real danger. She simply wants to go back to that house, kill random people without scruples and manages to make it always free. Constance is a woman arrogant and conceited with overt sociopathic tendencies, which seems to know a lot more things than you say about allavilla and its previous residents. She enjoys seeing the ghost of Moira, the maid that she has killed. Do you believe that she is not too much of a badass? American Horror Story is there waiting for you, you run and tell me then.

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